Lifetime Guarantee

We guarantee that our furniture is unbreakable in normal use.  We guarantee that all methods and materials used are suitable for a lifetime’s usage.  What is not covered by this guarantee is wear and tear, abusive or intentional damage, exposure to extreme humidity in either direction, fire and smoke damage.  All ironmongery or products not actually produced by me but supplied on my furniture is subject to their own manufacturer’s guarantee.  Any product supplied for external use is guaranteed for 10 years.

Incidental damage with cause outside of our guarantee can be resolved at cost.

The finishes we offer, both hand painted and polished are of a more natural quality than mass produced furniture.   We are happy to supply samples.

As with all guarantees, they are subject to the company that offers them.  This guarantee is offered in good faith based on my working career.  I have no intention of ever retiring, however, if I die or cannot continue to work due to ill health, this offer ends with me.